Teach English in Wangling Zhen - Nanning Shi

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Unit 15 \"Evaluating students\" is an important part of the training of the future English for non- native speakers teacher. The chapter takes a look at the few way that teachers asses the level of the students. Some of these ways are tutorials, tests and evaluation by the students. There are several kinds of tests use to determined the language level of the students. Placement test is given to enable the teachers to to place new students in the right class level. Diagnostic test is given in the begging of the course to help the teacher to find out to figure out what the students already know. This test is also use to help the instructor to prepare lessons and materials that will help to enable the student's progress. Progress test is given periodically to guide the teacher what knowledge has been retained by the students and the made progress. This test should contain grammar, reading, speaking, listening and writing. Practice test is used to prepare the students for external test and should follow the structure of the test the students are preparing for. Some of the general external tests are TOELF, IELTS, TOEIC, and specialized Cambridge Assessment test.