Teach English in ShuAngqiao Zhen - Nanning Shi

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In the first lesson, the poor outcome was greatly caused by the teacher than the students. The teacher was not able to connect with the students and was not able to get the students' interests. Warm up activity was to get the students focus was not employed at the beginning of the lesson. Students were lost and confused. The teacher could have spoken slowly and clearly without the assumptions that the lesson was easy and students understood it. Although the students were intimidated, some still tried to participated. As a teacher, positive reinforcements should have given to the students regardless of the answers. On the other hand, the second lesson was more effective with the teacher able to connect with the students. A warm up activity to engage students were done. From the activity, vocabularies were elicited. The teacher gave a clear structure of the \"modal auxiliary verbs\" through many examples. Students were encouraged to participate and praises were given. At the end of the lesson, the students were able to produce their own sentences. The two video lessons proved that teacher's personality and attitude influence the outcome of the students' learning.