Teach English in Shibu Jiedao - Nanning Shi

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There must be some order to a lesson plan so that the students can grasp the language vocabulary and structures well. What I mean is first, you have the introduction of the vocabulary grammar structures in the engage phase. Secondly, and very important to the students comprehension, is the 3 step process in the study phase: 1) demonstrate the process of the activity, 2) elicit a correct answer, and 3) give out the materials. I feel strongly that this sequence of activities is vital for a students success is because if you give out materials first, they won't have a good foundation of the grammar structures. Starting with a demonstration and moving to elicitations shows how much they are grasping the concepts. Lesson plans should be kept as records of what a class has covered. It also helps if you need a sub for the class. Another important feature of planning is the time slots for each activity. If a teacher didn't time anything, then loss of rapport of the teacher and loss of focus of the students may be inevitable. This is due to either running out of time for allowing STT or of not completely covering the main points of the vocabulary/structures being taught.