Teach English in Nahong Jiedao - Nanning Shi

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Unit 2 focused on the methods and techniques appropriate to a program of English-language instruction. It discussed a number of instructonal methods, the advantages of which were held to be largely context-dependent. Some students mught connect most readily with a program heavy on grammatical information, while others might learn more quickly through oral repetition or group-based approaches. One methodology -- the \"Engage, Study, Activate\" approach -- was highlighted as presenting an especially flexible and reliable model for classroom engagement. This method begins with a thought-provoking \"hook\" activity designed to draw students into the learning process, proceeds to a stage of focused attention upon a new linguistic concept, and concludes with an opportunity for students to utilize this new concept in combination with their existing base of linguistic knowledge. The stages of the process can be elaborated and recombined in accordance with the demands of a particular lesson. Unit 2 also considered the importance of feedback, and suggested that teachers must learn to balance the need for correction with the need to maintain student motivation and enthusiasm.