Teach English in Maling Zhen - Nanning Shi

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The final unit of this TEFL course examines a number of common problem situations that teachers can expect to encounter in their teaching careers, and also proposes ways of handling them. The topics covered within this unit include the two categories of new classes, which are referred to as new and existing groups. The first lesson should involve activities geared towards specific purposes such as establishing rapport, finding out the students? interests and their needs/aspirations for English language learning, as well as determining the language level of each student. To stimulate the students? interest and get them thinking/speaking in English, teachers can start lessons with short, enjoyable, communicative activities called warmers. Another set of problems that teachers may face is multi-level or mixed ability classes, reluctant students, and large classes. The use of native language in the classroom can also present issues, as can difficulties with listening texts. For all these potentially difficult situations, I learnt that there are many techniques that the teacher can use to mitigate the issues and create both enjoyable and successful classes.