Teach English in Liangqing Zhen - Nanning Shi

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This unit is about equipment and teaching aids. There are many types of equipment that a teacher may encounter in the classroom, such as blackboards/whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, and overhead projectors. These all have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, blackboards/whiteboards may cause the teacher to have their back turned to the classroom while they write, but it is a very simple piece of equipment that does not have a chance of not working suddenly like a piece of electronic equipment might. Interactive whiteboards can be used to create visually stunning lessons that hold students' interest, but these interactive whiteboards are prone to errors and can sometimes be finicky to work with. Overhead projectors can be used with overhead transparencies that can be made in advance, but setting up a projector can be troublesome depending on the classroom environment. This unit also lists many different resources that are very useful for instructors. Some of these resources have worksheet activities that save the teacher planning time, some have listening activities, and some have information for authentic materials that are free to use in the classroom.