Teach English in Chengtai XiAng - Nanning Shi

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This unit reflected on teaching abilities as well as the relationship with the students, for example-knowing there weaknesses, language background, motivation etc. What I have learnt the most from this unit was how to be a good teacher. I have to be kind and patient, have to have good subject knowledge, be able to motivate learners, be lively and entertaining and also to be able to involve all students equally in a lesson. I have also learnt which teacher roles are important and when. For example being an organiser, when organising the class, activities and lessons. Being an English model for the students. I might be the only person they hear speaking English and for this reason I should pay attention as to how I speak. In this unit I also learned about what makes a good student and that it is important for them to be willing to ask questions and experiment with the language. A section of this unit also included the different levels of language ability stating explanations starting from beginners all the way to advanced. I have learnt the biggest differences between young and adult learners, differences like, age, motivation, culture/first language and learning experience.