Teach English in Beihu Jiedao - Nanning Shi

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I've learnt how to create a lesson plan and why it is important to do so. It is important to create a lesson plan because it ensures a logical sequence for the lesson, forms a record of what has been covered and serves as a working document to refer to throughout the class. A lesson plan consists of general information about the class and what should happen during the lesson. I have also learnt about the process for a study activity; demonstration, elicitation, and giving out material. This lesson has also helped me understand how to give feedback. It is important to note progress in order to prepare for the feedback stage of the lesson. During the feedback stage, it is vital to give the students the opportunity of self-correction and peer correction before teacher corrections. It is also important to remain flexible within a lesson plan or while planning for a sequence of lessons. It is important to keep the goals of the course in mind when creating a lesson sequence and one must make sure that the sequence is varied and covers all skills needed (both productive and receptive). So the lesson should include activities that help foster speaking, writing, listening, and reading.