Teach English in Yonghe Zhen - Meizhou Shi

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Methodologies 1. Grammar-translatin 2. Audio 3. Presentation Practice and Production (PPP) 4. Task-Based learning 5. Communicative language Teacher 6. Community language learning 7. The silent way 8. Suggestopaedia 9. The lexical approach Which methodology is best - student need as much as exposure to language as possible - students need a certain amount of input from teacher - communicative takes offer real learning possibilities but not enough - anxiety and stress need to be low for effective language learning - where possible students should be encourage to discover for language for themselves Engage, Study and Activate Points to bear in mind 1. all the techniques are useful and effective in their own way 2. be aware of appropriate techniques for student language level 3. regard to using picture when you want a specific answer, show a picture. Don't draw it 4. always tone aware of culture and local language 5. make sure you remain positive when replying to suggestions ESA Engage activities and materials which tend of engage students include games, music, interesting picture and stories Study start with elicitation. you should always elicit as much information as possible from the student first Activate students should be using the language as freely and communicatively as possible. Correction Techniques In Teaching EFL it is usual to distinguish between mistakes and errors. A mistake can be thought of as a slip of tongue of the pen. The student is able to correct himself or herself what should the teacher correct? 1. mistakes with the language point we are teaching 2. mistake is being regularly repeated either by the student or other class members and risks becoming ingrained 3. mistake seriously impedes understanding