Teach English in Xiyang Zhen - Meizhou Shi

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UNIT 14 The unit dealing with course books and materials is in fact a revision and assessment of the TEFL course thus far and requires a look back on the first 13 units. The teacher has to create her own materials to supplement the course book or replace unsuitable sections. The unit distinguishes between authentic and created materials, listing the positive impact of these materials. Authentic material is interesting and motivating because it is real, students gain confidence when understanding and grasping the material and the material may be geared to the interests of groups. Created materials may include crosswords, world search puzzles, role-play cards, flashcards, gap fill activities and picture stories. Resources are provided and in my view these are entertaining and creative, opening doors for amusing, creative lessons. In addition to resources and the names of course books provided the unit outlines the advantages of course books. In my view the provision of a syllabus is essential and I appreciate the continuity and progression provided as well as security as a new teacher with no prior experience in teaching. The unit offers some advice about how to deal with the limitations of course books and makes it clear it is not the all in one solution, encouraging a critical approach. I appreciate this self awareness of the course, and its creative approach. My own assessment of materials provided according to criteria suggested is positive. I will of course have to struggle with adapting to the level of students, but the basics of tenses and grammar are outlined clearly and serve as excellent revision. I will of course supplement and read further but I feel enriched thus far and somewhat more confident than when I began the course.