Teach English in Taoyao Zhen - Meizhou Shi

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This entire course was a course introduction of what I will be learning in this unit and the next couple of units. I learnt what I'd be studying in each unit on how to teach Business English. When teaching Business English, the teacher does need to know everything about the company/ business, a general understanding is helpful when teaching. Some objectives after learning how to teach Business English include Having realistic ideas for individual lessons and how to deliver them to a range of target groups, be able to create and apply assessment procedures before, during, and after lessons, etc. When teaching English, there are so many different kinds of courses. Including TEFL, TESOL, TEYL, CTBE, and so much more. I learnt about Teaching of English for Specific Purposes, which is usually for academic or vocational purposes. This can either be helping students for entrance exams in university, teaching English for science and technology, for banking and finance, for Law, etc. As said in the title of ESP, it is to teach English for a specific purpose. In business there are three different ways of studying English, which is either one on one with the teacher and client, learning English at a language institute/school, or at a company. When teaching one on one, salaries can vary depending on the country the teacher is working in, but also with hours. Teaching private also gives the option for the teacher to be a freelance teacher, allowing them the choose days and their salary. Teaching at a language school, there will be different groups, some from the same company and others not. Teaching at a company or 'in house' is where you teach at the company all with students from the same place, although they can all come different departments of the company.