Teach English in ShejiAng Zhen - Meizhou Shi

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Studying with textbooks has these advantages. If you do not have the experience, you can proceed quickly and easily. If you follow the instructions in the textbooks, you will have a good quality of instruction. And because students can know tomorrow's class ahead of time, we can prepare for the exam. Textbooks are balanced in grammar and various aspects and are not significantly influenced by the teacher's tendencies, but instead of textbooks, lessons can be overly rigid. Students can easily lose interest. It may consist of parts that are out of fashion and out of practical use. So a good teacher always has a variety of materials with textbooks. Movies, newspapers, and novels can be used as a supplementary material in class time in countries where English is the native language. Assistive materials are useful for attracting students. The latest information will help students passion for English. Songs, movies, videos, articles, etc., are exposed to a variety of English-language skills, but they are better informed of how effective they are to learn English. The disadvantage is that supplementary textbooks are often skewed. It may be interesting or weak in grammar. For intermediate students, it is effective to add various materials based on textbooks. Intermediate students have to learn more grammar. When you want to increase your conversation, you can make a lot of progress just by memorizing a simple song. The tense will be more accurate as we sing and sing songs that are not wrong in grammar. Experienced teachers do not ignore or even follow textbooks. If you think that the teacher does not help your children out of the contents of the textbook, you can withdraw it. A variety of materials related to the contents of textbooks can be attached and used.