Teach English in Mianyang Zhen - Meizhou Shi

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First of all, this lesson provided a basic understanding of what comprises a good teacher. I saw that several important aspects of a good teacher involve character and personality, such as gentleness, kindness, respect, a love for teaching, encouraging, lively, and fun. Other important qualities of a good teacher stem from their ability to teach; these are things such as knowledge, able to correct with gentleness and respect, a good model of the language, respected by students, able to engage all equally, and able to assess and help strengthen areas of weakness. This is a good place to start as it grounds me as a potential teacher. I am reminded that my success will depend both on my character and love for my students, and upon my ability to constantly learn, grow, and stretch myself as a teacher. I am thankful for this! The second component of this lesson was a list of what comprises a good learner and what factors will affect our students' learning abilities. I have taken intro to TESOL classes before, but so appreciate this information. It helps me every time I look over it. As teachers, we must be sensitive to where our students are coming from as learners, because so many factors will play into the attitude and engagement with which they come. These factors include: age, motivation, life experience, previous language exposure, behavior, culture, and language level, just to name a few. As teachers, we are responsible for observing where our students are coming from, knowing the potential challenges and hurdles they face as such, and figuring out how best to serve and help them in light of what they are bringing into the classroom. Without knowing what to check for in ourselves, and what to look for in our students, it is so difficult to teach well and to serve them well.