Teach English in GuAngde Zhen - Meizhou Shi

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Teaching business English requires the implementation of different materials. Broadly speaking, materials are twofold: authentic and non-authentic. Authentic materials are attributed to resources that have multi-functional purpose apart from classroom environment. These resources include magazine, newspaper, videos, brochure and other related materials. Non-authentic materials are sorts of resources that are class-based. Non-authentic resources involve the use of worksheets, book-based tape, flashcards and the like. In case of using authentic materials, it is advisory for business te achers to determine the chosen material, that would be taught, to be compatibly relevant to students? level, content, and language point. The use of materials without the implementation of effective lesson plan is pointless. In this sense, lesson planning plays an essential role for the success and productive output of students. More precisely, lesson plans should by primacy comprise of a series of criteria. The most quintessential standards encompass language point, learners? objectives, personal aims, anticipated problems for students and teachers, solutions, procedures, phases, timing, etc. Lesson plan goes in tandem with the appropriate selection of book resources. Book resources are consisted of two types. The first type is based on teaching language grammar with respect to introducing Business English language situations and/or contexts. In this type, teachers might teach how to write email, read company brochure, present presentation, form vigorous negotiation and so forth. Another type encompasses the typically the use of English business-based contexts and language points. Therefore, a worthy and productive lesson occurs only in materials, lesson plan and book resources are used appropriately.