Teach English in Fengxi Linchang - Meizhou Shi

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The unit has demonstrated that not all methods, exercises and study material are relevant to all categories of students. And by developing a good relationship with the students, this will allow the teacher to structure lessons based on what is needed, using various exercises and techniques. The most important part of the lesson is the stimulation of the students ability to learn and use the English language. For example. By using methodologies such as PPP, and using them with techniques such as \"straight arrow\" ESA lessons. The teacher is able to introduce basic challenges and learning opportunities in a simple teaching structure to beginner or new students during the engage phase. Whilst performing basic exercises such as introducing prompts and the teaching method Realia, A basic analyses of the students knowledege is possible in order to form a building block on which to work off. Once the level of the students English is analyzed, further, more in depth lessons plans are possible to help your students progress. You as a teacher may then branch out and become more personalized within your lessons. You will soon be able to determine the methods that work best for you and your students based on the performance the students show using different techniques. Of course, different techniques will also be used in different stages of your students understanding of the English language. Simple demonstrations will not work with experienced students as they require far more stimulation. The use of story telling exercises and study material such as crossword puzzles or themed based study material may be more effective. It is up to the teacher to recognize these gaps in the students understanding of the language and adjust the lesson plan accordingly based on what is most effective for the students.