Teach English in Changbu Zhen - Meizhou Shi

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14. Course books and lesson materials are some important aspects treated in this unit. In which i leart that lesson materials can be authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers etc and that since these materials are not graded for level and so should be selected carefully.( there are real and therefore more interestingand motivating, students gains confidence when they understand them,) some reasons for the use of authentic materials. While created materials such as crosswords, flash cards etc , pictures story etc are usually designed by the teacher to replace or supplementmaterials from the course book.Also course books usually consist of set of materials like student`s book , workbook ,cassettes etc . I also learnt some advantages and disadvantages of course book like, it provides security for students and teachers alike ,it provides a syllabus which is graded for a level suitable for the students , the teachers book offers many good ideas for the inecperienced teachers etc ,The disadvantages ; Exclusive use of a course can become very predictable and boring for students , a course is almost always a compromise and so on .Finally some ideas about the effective use of the course book like , dont use the course book for the whole lesson , explore ways to match the course book to the needs of the students etc . This unit elobarate on the ways of evaluating and testing students .Thus, to assess students language level we can use the following ; tutorials, test and evaluation by students .Also tests can further be broken down into placement test ,progress test diagnostic and practice test , with each having a different reason and unique way of assessing students.In this unit I also learnt about some of the general external examinations like TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and Cambridge assessement like KET, FCE