Teach English in BAxiAngshAn Zhen - Meizhou Shi

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The present tenses may provide the students with an unintentional barrier to learning English as they can become a little confusing for them. Often the students may feel that the tenses are interchangeable or maybe even pointless without the proper direction. It is therefore important to clearly and systematically outline the four types of present tenses and the usages of each along with constructive examples to help them to understand the differences between them during the study stage. A number of appropriate games will ensure the children are able to correctly identify which type of sentence belongs to which tense. \"Guess my profession\" works particularly well with present simple tense and \"Change the Room\" works well for present perfect tense for example. Games will help the teacher to show the students that the tenses are not as problematic as perhaps initially thought. It is important to help the students to practice the various perfect tense verb conjugations as there are no steadfast rules for them to learn to aid them in remembering how each irregular verb changes. It is sometimes worth providing the students with a simple table of commonly used verbs and their conjugations to aid them in remembering which word can be applied to which tense, as committing them to memory is the best way to ensure that few mistakes are made when speaking between tenses. It is also important to note the change in word order between the affirmative and interrogative forms with special importance on the location of the auxiliary verb \"be\" or \"have\" and the relative pronoun. Contractions can be thought of as a way to make sentence construction easier but appropriate practice will prevent the students from making mistakes and allow them to become familiar with which pronoun + aux verb combinations can be contracted.