Teach English in Yanjing XiAng [→ Ajia Zhen] - Liupanshui Shi

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This unit focused on different theories of teaching and different techniques and methods that can be employed in the classroom. The unit focused mostly on the Engage, Study Activate methodology, which I had already begun to implement in my classes (albeit not knowing the terminology). Many of my lessons follow the straight arrow approach, but it was useful to be aware of the boomerang and patchwork approaches. The value of this unit was taking a step back and reflecting on the structure and teaching methods I employ in my class, and I feel that this will allow me to think more critically and rationally about the structure of my lessons in future, and improving some of my lessons that I have already done. I think the biggest take home for me was the discussion on when to correct students, and that feedback is just as critical as an engaging lesson. I feel that while I have fun and engaging activities, some of my lessons tend to miss out on more intense study and feedback, often because of time constraints, or the absence of an \"activate\" section.