Teach English in Xinhua Zhen - Liupanshui Shi

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Reviewing the course materials, both written and visual, I was able to gain inspiration for new lessons regarding these essential building blocks of English. I was also able to gain awareness of particular rules and irregularities in conjugation. One lesson plan idea I got was for the present continuous. I hadn't thought about the nuances of the tense; I have only previously focused on learning the tense in current actions. But another idea I got from the text to give another dimension to the tense was using graphs to elicit present continuous tense. It would be easy to find statistics related to topic that interest students. Such as marriage, population, and beer consumption! I could also combine it with the relative pronoun for the graph title, \"People who drink beer\" or important vocabulary like amount and number. I could engage with a small activity, study graphs and elicit responses to describe the graphs for the study stage, and activate it by breaking the students up into groups and have them create their own graphs to present to the class.