Teach English in Shunchang Miaozu Yizu Baizu XiAng - Liupanshui Shi

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I truly appreciated this unit for allowing me to understand modal verbs better. After several years of teaching this to my students, I can now say that I can differentiate one from the other, and explain how several modals can be used for the same purpose. I also had a clearer understanding of the purpose of the passive voice. I used to think that sentences in the passive voice simply used be-verbs and that alone differentiated them from the active voice. Now I realized why sentences are written in the passive voice, and we in fact use a lot of them in everyday life! This unit also widened my knowledge about phrasal verbs and their three types: Type 1 - phrasal verbs that cannot have a direct object Type 2 - where an object pronoun can only found in between the verb and the particle; where an object noun can come between the verb and the particle or after the particle Type 3 - the object phrase or object pronoun both come after the particle I've learned so much from this unit and I am very excited to apply new knowledge to my succeeding classes.