Teach English in Shengjing Jiedao [Huopu Zhen] - Liupanshui Shi

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This unit describes the relationship between teachers and learners in an ESL setting. Outlined are particular characteristics of both teachers and students that allow for the most effective learning environment. The most effective teachers are able to mold into a variety of different titles, such as facilitator, mentor, motivator, organizer, etc. It is important for them to be able to adapt to different teaching styles to allow for the most students to learn the material presented in a variety of ways. Learners have a responsibility for their own learning such as being engaged in the lesson, being open to making mistakes and subsequently receiving correction, and participating in the classroom setting. There are different levels of learners that teachers will interact with, starting with beginner (those having zero to basic knowledge of English) to Advanced (learning the subtleties of language). By knowing the different levels of the students that you are teaching, the classroom will be an engaging and suitable learning environment for students.