Teach English in Shaomi Zhen - Liupanshui Shi

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Unit 4 covers teaching new Language, vocabulary and functions while utilizing various ESA methods already acquired in previous units. I found the further practical implementation of these methods such as boomerang and patchwork lessons helped me to gain a much greater understanding of the ESA format and its benefits to both teacher and student. For example the Patchwork Grammar lesson plan allows mid level students the opportunity to partake in 2 Active and 2 study stages before bringing their learnings together in the final Active task. The notes on Language selection particularly the information on teachability is an area I will certainly take from when putting together classes for small children ensuring to use visual and very clear language. I also took from the notes on the Patchwork grammar lesson that offered one clear simple grammatical focus being ?simple past tense.? I feel this idea of one central theme or focus for an entire lesson is a great way to ensure students truly connect to the content both theoretically and practically.