Teach English in Panlong Zhen - Liupanshui Shi

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There are four different language skills students need to learn and practice in the classroom when learning a new language; speaking, writing, reading and listening. This unit focuses on reading and listening, the receptive skills. We read and listen for entertainment or for a specific purpose. There are subskills of listening and reading to be taught including, detailed reading, scanning for specific info, skimming for general overview, for predicting what will happen next or to make inference or deduction. Potential problems and ways to avoid problems in lessons teaching receptive skills are identified. In order to successfully teach receptive skills to students, there are key concepts to remember when lesson planning. These basic concepts include choosing materials that interest/motivate students, build interest, pre-teach vocabulary or structures if necessary, vary type of material and use it to practice different skills, use realistic comprehension tasks to promote understanding, and create activate phase which flows with the context of the lesson.