Teach English in Mugang Zhen - Liupanshui Shi

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This unit dealt with the use of equipment and teaching aids in the classroom. Among these items are chalk/white boards, overhead projectors (OHP's), interactive white boards (IWB's), video cameras, cassettes, videos/DVD's and worksheets/vocabulary cards. There are also numerous resources online specific to different learning stages and abilities. The teacher can also be creative and use any combination of these to formulate a stimulating and informative lesson. These tools are only helpful inasmuch as there are exercises and work to reinforce the learning. In other words, showing a video and moving on without discussion defeats the purpose. Using the course book alone is not effective enough and can lead to learner boredom and disinterest. Creative use of these materials can stimulate interest and participation and make for a very successful lesson. In my own learning experience, I have been exposed to all of these methods (except for and IWB) and without them, I would have had a more difficult time learning the language (in my case, Spanish).