Teach English in Luobie Buyizu Yizu XiAng - Liupanshui Shi

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This is a short module looking at the usefulness of different teaching aids - Authentic materials such as newspaper articles or radio shows, created materials such as flash cards or crosswords, and coursebooks. Authentic materials are real world examples of language and can therefore be used to encourage students as they are more interesting and can raise student confidence, however they can also be quite difficult and not entirely geared towards a classes' current level. Created materials are very useful as they can be suited to the students needs (language level, engagement level), and can be used to replace or add to course books. Course books provide a detailed structure and the students can track their progression, however they are not flexible to a particular classes needs as created materials are. Also other factors such as price and availability of books need to be considered if the teacher can choose the text book for the class. In practice a good mix of the above 3 materials should provide a structured but flexible approach to teaching a class.