Teach English in Longhe Zhen [Longchang XiAng] - Liupanshui Shi

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This unit has given me valuable insight into one of the most important issues related to TEFL and that is the kind of material that teachers ought to use to maintain the students? interest, boost the learning experience and reached the desired learning objectives. The information provided in this unit has both affirmed my teaching approach and tilted it further into the right direction. My material-selection process is an eclectic one that combines excerpts from trusted course books and other graded content that guides the students? acquisition of new language elements, along with authentic and created material that challenges and activates their acquired knowledge, all while taking into account much of what has been mention in this unit, like the students? individual needs and interest, and the pros and cons of each material resource. I will attempt to include more variety in my approach in the future along the lines of ?omit, replace, adapt? especially since I am already using the ?supplement? option quite frequently.