Teach English in Hongyan XiAng [→ Douqing Zhen] - Liupanshui Shi

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This unit connects to the previous one by introducing the productive skills of writing and speaking. These two skills are more active becuase they require the student to communicate rather than passively obtain information. It begins by explaining reasons why students need to talk, such as a desire to say something, or become involved in a conversation. The unit then proceeds to tell the difference between fluency and accuracy and describes techniques that encourage both skills. It is followed by a typical ESA lesson plan that can be used to promote students speaking and the procedures that should be followed before, during, and after the activity. The next part of the unit focuses on writing and explains the differences between speaking and writing. It then discusses the skills needed to write, such as handwriting, spelling, and punctuation. Next, the unit provides a typical ESA planner that promotes efficient writing. It concludes with information on how to use games to encourage reading and listening skills, and a list of game based websites is provided.