Teach English in Dǒngde Jiedao - Liupanshui Shi

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Unit 9 stresses the importance of lesson planning. Lesson planning is important because you want a happy medium where you're able to teach but also have the kids have fun learning and practicing what they're learning. You don't want a lesson where you're lecturing the entire time because then kids will lose interest. By having them practice and do fun activities, they're carrying out what you're teaching and they're proving what they're learning. Having a beginning goal of the overall lesson will help guide you while you're planning it because it will give you something to move towards. You know what you want to achieve by the end of this lesson. One thing that I had not thought of before reading this is that lesson plans act as a record. This is a good thing because it shows what you have already done and shows what you can move on with. Overall, I think that lesson plans serve as a great benefit to teachers and that there is no specific way on how to do them. It's all up to the teacher and I think that it goes along with their teaching personality.