Teach English in Baiguo Zhen - Liupanshui Shi

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In this unit, (Unit 15: Evaluation & Testing), I've learned the 3 important ways to assess a student's language level. These are: 1.) Tutorials - can take place with the whole group or with individual students. It is unlikely that you will have time to conduct individual tutorials every lesson but it might be useful to spend some time, perhaps the lat ten minutes at the end of the week, reviewing the work done, and discussing the aims of the lesson and how well students performed the task and whether there are any problems. 2.) Evaluation by the students - it's very useful to ask the students to evaluate their course by means of questionnaire or guided discussion. 3.) Tests - it is appropriate to give tests at different stages in a course. We can give placement test at the start, diagnostic test to tell you and the students what they do and dont know at the beginning of the a course. Periodic progress test is also given in a formal written test or a more informal group activity or even a game. An achievment test is also given usually at the end of a course.