Teach English in Xiaopingyang Zhen - Laibin Shi

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This unit was about teaching English to special groups with the focus being on beginners and on people learning English for a specific purpose. Teaching beginners can be the most rewarding as you can see the most growth with them. There are different kinds of beginners such as young beginners and adult beginners. Young learners are typically able to acquire new language more easily. With teaching English for specific purposes such as business, learners are typically more highly motivated. Also since participants are generally older, between the age of 20 to mid 50s, discipline is usually not required as often. It is important to do a needs assessment as these participants can have different goals they wish to achieve from the class. If you are teaching abroad the class is likely to be monolingual. The advantage of this is similar difficulties can be expected and planned for. Multilingual classes occur when students from different countries learn English in a country where the native language is English. The advantage of this is that since there is no shared language, students are forced to communicate in English. Additionally, students have more exposure to authentic English outside of the classroom.