Teach English in WushAn XiAng - Laibin Shi

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Unit 9 explains the benefits of lesson planning. It explained that a teacher's level of experience might correlate with how detailed their lesson plans should be. A teacher who is very experienced will feel comfortable walking into the classroom with only a few notes written down for their lesson plan. While an inexperienced teacher will benefit from having a much more detailed lesson plan to help them as they are learning how to structure their classes. What is most important to an experienced teacher is achieving their learning objective and they feel comfortable enough allowing their lessons more flexibility. An experienced teacher has no problem changing their lesson up in order to suit the unexpected needs of their students because they possibly have experienced similar issues in the past. An experienced teacher knows what problems to expect in any given activity and how to best resolve them. An inexperienced teacher cannot afford this level of flexibility in the classroom because they are yet to figure out what issues might arrive in any certain type of lesson or activity. Lesson plans help a teacher stay organized in the classroom and also provide a written document on what has been covered.