Teach English in Toupai Zhen - Laibin Shi

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In the Unit 5: Managing Classes, we are learning on classroom management which is the skill of organizing and managing the class in a friendly, relaxed manner atmosphere and managing the discipline of the class. An appropriate approaches and body languages of a teacher such as eye contact in the class, good use of gestures, clarity of the voices and the using of students' name are very essential and important in a class which determine the communication establishment and effectiveness in teaching. Besides, we had also learned on the three common types and suitable usage of classroom arrangements and three different of student groupings depending on the different factors and needs in the classes to deliver the best results based on the arrangements. Nevertheless, there are some other common issues on classroom management which are usually considered. These issues are writing on the board, giving individual attention, the use of teacher talk-time, giving instructions, rapport building and maintaining discipline of the class. By completing this unit, we should be able to manage on classes and apply the different arrangements and groupings based on the different needs and progresses of a class.