Teach English in Taodeng Zhen - Laibin Shi

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Like any system ~ mapping, classical music, accountancy, medicine ~ the everyday activity of language use (almost any language) entails combining specialist components that do a variety of different jobs. Without a clear lucid awareness of this it is almost self-defeating to try and make much sense of, or in, a language. Even someone learning by observation and imitation will need awareness of such basic frameworks as the Subject-Verb-Object sentence unit, and can't readily achieve even that without knowing what a verb is. The parts of speech in English fall into only about 10 basic categories, some of which include subgroups (such as mood and tense of verbs, categories and intensities of adjective); learners, and hence certainly teachers, need to know their way around & between these. In the case of English in particular, some words may do duty in more than once capacity (e.g. 'shop', depending on context, could be a noun or verb or indeed an adjective, or arguably an adverbial prefix within the term 'shopsoiled'). A teacher would not aim to confuse learners with quite such levels of sophistry, but to know their own ground confidently enough to do a professional job, they should be comfortably aware!