Teach English in Suiyi XiAng - Laibin Shi

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In this unit the students were exposed to the different teaching methods and techniques. It discusses in depth the different teaching ways to teach a language depending on the fluency level of the class, the study material, and the needs of the students. Every one learns in different ways so it is important for a teacher to be aware of the needs and learning styles of the each student but the class in general as well. Depending of the level of the class, as not all methods are appropriate for all levels learners, a teacher can use the teaching techniques covered in the unit to teach English to the students. This unit also talks about giving feedback and correction. It is important providing students and teachers with relevant feedback, so both sides can ensure the proper flow of the studying and teaching process. Additionally, correcting is also important part of learning or teaching English. There is a difference between mistake and an error and there is need to be aware of the difference. When it comes to feedback, it is important that one is being provided for both sides, because it is valuable for teachers and students to know they are going in the right direction and progress is being made.