Teach English in SishAn Zhen - Laibin Shi

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Lesson Planning Unit 9 discusses the value of lesson planning. It highlights the importance of having a lesson plan. Lesson plans help one to think logically and it is also used as a reference during one's class presentations. It also allows one to have a record of what was covered in class. There is no special way to write a lesson plan; it is unique to each individual but the suggestion from this chapter is to keep it simple and to make sure that a balance of skills are covered. To ensure that the lessons run smoothly, it is also suggested the one checks the equipment ahead of time to make sure it works and to have solutions to anticipated problems with student learning. Having student objectives for learning is just as much important as having teacher objectives to teaching. One of the most difficult areas for new teachers to master is allocating enough time for each activity. Anticipating how long it will take to accomplish each of the activities in class will take time, practice and experience. It is vital that the class activities are reflective of the students' level. Knowing how many students will attend the class will also help in anticipating the appropriateness of class activities.