Teach English in Sicun Zhen - Laibin Shi

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This unit concerned classroom materials and equipment. It listed all of the common resources/tools found in a school, described them, and provided a brief summary of their uses or advantages and disadvantages. At the end, there was also an extensive list of different online resources for both students and teachers. In addressing each of these different tools, this unit summarized and restated instruction from previous units. For instance, several of its notes on board use were familiar. Other instructions I had already learned through my experience teaching. Still, although some of the material was not entirely new and many of the tools listed had been discussed previously, this unit compelled me to consider how different technologies and resources are used together, how I might balance different materials in my lessons, and how I might use them best. After reading this unit, I have a better idea concerning what I might find in my school and how I might use what I find. Further, this unit's long list of online resources has already proven valuable. The BBC's website has a series of short videos for teachers that include ideas for activities and has built upon the foundation established in this course.