Teach English in Shilong Zhen - Laibin Shi

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In this unit I have been introduced to some unconventinal equipment and teaching aids that can be use in the classroom. Some of these aids I am familiar with and not. Many of the schools in South Africa do not have such equipmet as overhead projectors or interactive whiteboards because many of the schools are disadvanged and students only get to be exposed to such equipment at tertiary level. Only schools that are well funded may have such equipment. As an individual who was introduced to such equipment at tertiary level, a person who is used to the traditional blackboard, will find it interesting in incorporating such tools during a lesson. As a student, I have been exposed to most of the teaching tools discussed in this unit, such as the use of cassette recorders, videos and visual aids at my basic education level therefore I have seen how effective these teaching tools are in the classrooom. I have gained more interest in the teaching field because this unit has introduced me to different ways of making it easier for the teacher and students to interact with each other in the classroom and also learn about new unconventional teaching techniques that can improve the teaching and learning experience.