Teach English in SAnli Zhen - Laibin Shi

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The lesson gives great examples of lesson planning, its necessity and requirements of a lesson plan. In the beginning it looks at the requirements of a lesson plan. For example the lesson plan should be kept simple for the teacher to follow and understand in any situation. It should be \"unscripted\" because every class is different an students react differently to same exercises and drills. It is important for a teacher to be organized before the start of a lesson. For example check if the equipment like projectors, laser pointer, laptop etc. are working properly or make sure the room and board is clean and ready for use. Some things that should be included in a lesson plan are for example objectives for the learners and teacher himself which can help get an idea of what is expected to be reached by the end of the lesson. Add teaching aids that help throughout the lesson like pictures, PPT and more. Also include timing of each section (engage, study, activate), the level of the class as well as procedure and known problems or issues that might occur. The lesson gives great examples of lesson plans and lessons for vocabulary and grammar learning and these examples can be analysed and learned from.