Teach English in Mengcun Zhen - Laibin Shi

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This was an interesting video to watch. We got to witness two drastically different classrooms and teaching methods. We had a first video which showed what the unsuccessful teacher was doing. The teacher had a flat affect, and was demeaning about the difficulty of learning a new language. The students were fearful and timid to answer questions and had limited participation. There was no monitoring and extra help given to students during 1-1 time and there seemed like there was little preparation or care for the lesson. This was contrasted against the second teacher who was engaged, excited and well prepared for this lesson. The teacher walked in with a smile and was cheerful, friendly and open. The students felt at ease and were happy and willing to make mistakes and try and answer questions. The teacher had a pre made example of the final project and was able to do drills, worksheets, drilling and group work. Allowing many different modes and styles of learning to be activated. We learned that the teacher is really the key reason for successful learning and active students. Being prepared, sticking to a schedule, and having the right attitude were key factors in the second lesson being more effective.