Teach English in GAoAn XiAng - Laibin Shi

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This final unit talked about challenges teachers may come across in ESL classes. First, teachers must establish rapport with students on the first day, especially if everyone is new to each other. This can be done by having the students interview each other or playing a game that encourages the students to share something about him or herself. Once introductions are done, teachers should use fun, short games ? such as Hangman and Pictionary ? that get the students to speak English. If a class is comprised of varying levels, teachers can split the groups and give them different materials to work with or give them the same materials but different tasks related to the topic. Another option is for teachers to pair stronger students with weaker ones. Students can still learn adequately in large classes if the teacher incorporates activities that encourage participation. These include pair or group work, choral repetition, and appointing group leaders. Reluctant students can be encouraged to participate by the teachers using pair work, role play exercises, controlled practice, and a tape recorder. Lastly, teachers should use common sense in carrying out the lesson at the pace of the majority of the class.