Teach English in Andong XiAng - Laibin Shi

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As much as I love grammar, I have found explaining the past tenses challenging when I was a phone/online trainer, or the examples at my disposal had to be supplemented with explanations. Reviewing this unit gave me many helpful new ideas for explaining otherwise frustrating tenses to learners. The suggestion of storytelling with the continuous tenses is a more complete version of what I had in my previous job and would definitely benefit learners more than individual sentences. For example, with a higher-level group, you can help students convey those \"missed opportunity\" moments in stories when a character arrives just a bit too late - combining and illustrating the difference between simple past, past perfect continuous, and past perfect [with irregular verb forms thrown in as well]: \"By the time the protagonist escaped his captors, ran across the city, found the message from his sister, and rushed to where she had been waiting for him, she had caught a flight to Australia.\" All along the way you can elicit simple past forms to recycle later in the past perfect. And once the students learn passive, you can revisit the activity, review those participles, and introduce even more richness to the story.