Teach English in Wencun Zhen - Jiangmen Shi

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This unit explains why and how should a teacher plan his or her lesson. It also presents an actual lesson plan and what should be included in one. Some teachers plan their lessons, some do not, and others do something in between. Planning gives the teacher working document (to check what was done, what else was planed), it can serve as a logical sequence, as a record (what was done in a previous lesson, what should be prepared for the next one), and in case the teacher can not make it for the lesson it can also serve for ?covering?(substitute teacher). The structure of lesson plan is up to each individual teacher, but some components, especially for a new teacher, are recommended to include. It should include teachers? name, date and time (for historical record), anticipate number of students (for material preparation, how many copies will the teacher need), class level being taught, focus of interaction (teacher to students, students to teacher or student to student), how much time will be needed for each activity (should be realistic and flexible), phase of lesson (engage, study or activate), procedure (which activities would be the best to achieve objective), anticipated problems (that students or the teacher might have) and solution to those problems, teaching materials the teacher might need, aims the teacher wish to achieve, and learner objective (what will the students be able to do at the end of the lesson). In this unit I learned about importance of being prepared. With a good lesson plan (it can be a piece of paper with few points or structured form) the teacher can make less mistakes, keeps the focus, can identify mistakes students might make and prepare for them, makes the lessons less stressful for the teacher and the students. It will get better the longer the teacher teaches but at the beginning lesson plan can make teachers? job much easier. With a written plan teacher can stress less about what comes next or is he or she forgetting something, and focus more on students and tasks at hand.