Teach English in Taoyuan Zhen - Jiangmen Shi

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Unit 12 Produative Skills Speaking and Writing We learnt about speaking lesson and why we do speak to each other ? Which is a need or desir but beacouse we want /need somthing and we are desir to achieve somthing.We learnt Accuracy vs Fluency:Accuracy =correct use of language Fluency= able to speak without stopping to think.In language essay accuracy and fluency are equal important.We also learnt in the eassy lesson upon which stage we are focusing Accuracy or fluency:Study stage is focusing on accuracy. Activate Stage on fluency.So Speaking activities comes in 3 diffrent form : 1-Contrroled Stuy phase 2-Guided used in either study or activiate phase 3-Creative phase used in the activiate phase We learnt what ever Controlled ,Guided or Creative you need to. -Create a need or desire -Use a pair in your activities to allow interaction and reduce stress -Make sure they have the language knowledge We learnt what is a typical speaken lesson and the main three thing we need beofe the lesson: 1-What do you want them to do and why ? 2-What they allready know ,do I need to pre-teach activities? 3-Prepare Material and instructinos ...Engage phase ...Study phase...Activiate phase. WRITING SKILLS Their are some diffrences many similarties like: Spelling i.e bow-bough or Punctuation some languages have no punctuation Situational past ,formed letter ,e mail Creative stories ,dialogue ,poetry A typical writing lesson (Straight Arrow ESA) Engage phase :Show a picture from newpaper or magazine What is happing now? What is about before? Waht is about after? Study Phase:We are going show them a cartoon strip 1st Study activities giving a Cartoon strip which going to be missing a dialogue or descriptions and fill the missing one. 2nd study Activities Switched around the 1st Feedback Activiate Phase :Cartoon strip without stituational language or dialogue plus feed back I think we need to practic both Productive and Receptive Skills alot so we can give and teach our students the right english way.