Teach English in Tangkou Zhen - Jiangmen Shi

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Unit 20 talked about common problem situations in the classroom Classes can fall into two categories, one of them is a new group and the other one is an existing group. In a new group students don't know each other and in an existing group the students know each other already. There are few things that we should not forget when it comes to first lesson such as establishing rapport between the students, finding out about the students, finding out their needs etc. Also we should find out the English level of each student. There are lots of activities that the teacher can use for these purposes. Warmers Hangman, tongue twisters, pictionary games, memory games etc. are good activities that we can use to warm up our students. Different levels Sometimes we face such problems like different levels of our students. Sometimes In that case we can either use different materials and split the students into groups, or we can give them the same material but different tasks to complete. Another way is to let each student find his level within the class. Or we can have stronger students with weaker ones. When it comes to large classes there are some techniques or activities that we can use such as worksheets, group works, choral repetition etc. Using native language This can be a bit problematic in monolingual classes however we can overcome it by making sure that our students understand activities, by encouraging them to use English where it's appropriate or only respond to English. It happens that the there's THAT student who doesn't seem to participate in class. What can help is a lots of pair work, using controlled practice, using role plays etc Difficulties with listening texts Some teachers tend to stop using because it sends they feel bad it's just too much for their students but this is what we mustn't let happen. There are many ways that we can use to use casetes. We just have to make sure that the tape is not broken or that the quality is not poor and then we can work with it and use it to enhance our students' listening skills.