Teach English in Shuibu Zhen - Jiangmen Shi

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In order to broaden the scale of teaching ideas, teachers are encouraged to apply a variety of macroscopic techniques: Case studies - as they are complicated and in-depth, case studies need a \"build up\" to clarify the aims and objectives of the exercise. Content and terminology must be pre-taught using various activities to elicit information from the students. Groups should be arranged, responsibilities assigned, a demonstration carried out, a framework given to the students, the activity accomplished, and feedback and praise handed out. Frameworking - Information and statistics are supplied in an Input...Process...Output format. Students need a whole range of language and tenses to be able to express where a company is, will be and how to get there, therefore teachers formulate sentences in different tenses around the given results. Problem Based Learning - teacher acts as a facilitator while students work in groups to solve problems under the leadership of a chairperson, minute-keeper, etc. Problems are identified, brainstormed together by the students, and tasks are appointed to people. Research is presented and discussed. Games - Teachers need to put thought into adapting popular games to encourage communication, e.g. 30 seconds, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Hangman, etc. to introduce vocabulary. The activities can be graded according to the level required. Consider the language point before finding a suitable game to adapt. Computer-Aided Language Learning - The internet provides a vast set of resources for a variety of purposes, e.g. authentic material (business letters, emails, reports, biographies), lesson planning outlines, research topics for students, as well as aiding professional development. Speech Act Theory - This theory is best put into practice when making offers and requests, negotiating and questioning. It can be used to overcome potentially embarrassing cultural mistakes. Sample lesson plans and material have been provided to study format and structure and to give guidance when setting up lesson plans.