Teach English in Lile Jiedao - Jiangmen Shi

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Pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English Skilled pronunciation teaching also gives life to a class because it reflects feelings and personal reactions to different situations. Pronunciation varies so much depending on the situation and mood of the speaker. Phonology is the study, science, analysis & classification of the physical properties o sounds. (Phonetics & Phonolgy) Phonology indicates the whole sound system of a particular language. Deal with the following areas: STESS/RHYTHM/INTONATION Individual sounds, sounds in connected speech, stress within words, and stress within whole utterances, are all difficult for students to perceive in isolation. Intonation: variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence. Intonation carries the message in a sentence. Important in questions, agreeing or disagreeing or confirming statements. Fundamental in expression of emotions or feelings (sadness, happiness, disbelief, uncertainty) Stress is more concerned with individual words Intonation Patterns: Normal - statement rise/fall intonation Common - Fall/ rise - indicates surprise & often disagreement, indicates that the speaker wants the person to respond or confirm Basically Flat - speaker doesn't really have that much to say, perhaps doesn't want to communicate. Stress: Strong part is the stressed word or word that bears the principal emphasis in the sentence. Two simple rules to word stress: 1. One word has only one stress and can't have two stresses. 2. we can only stress syllables, not individual vowels or consonants. Students should try to \"feel\" the music of the language & to add the stress naturally. Only vital syllables in the words conveying the essential information are stressed. Auxiliary verbs(be, have, do) are rarely stressed Articles are normally unstressed (A, an, the) Pronouns & Prepositions are normally unstressed Sound Joining: Linking/Sound Dropping(t,d)/Sound Changing/Extra Lettering The closer that students can get to this idea of linking words together, the more natural their speech will sound.