Teach English in Gonghe Zhen - Jiangmen Shi

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Unit 15 provides information regarding both classroom and external testing procedures. Prior to course commencement, it is necessary to administer both placement and diagnostic exams. Placements tests are designed to accurately place students into the appropriate grade level of English course by gauging ability in reading, writing, speaking and listening. An effective placement test will ramp up in difficulty as it progresses. Diagnostic exams should be administered once students have been placed in a grade level but prior to coursework in order to more thoroughly examine student strengths, weaknesses and motivations. Throughout a course, an instructor should regularly administer progress exams to check retention previously covered materials and get a better a feel for subjects which may need further study in later lessons. It is important that these exams are as balanced as classroom sessions in terms of the types of material and the form they take (written, spoken, listening, reading). These examinations will likely be required by schools, but even without such a requirement they serve as an aid to both students and instructor. Schools with requirements may have premade exams to be administered. If not, teacher edition's of coursebooks will often contain necessary materials to construct pertinent progress tests. Practice tests serve to prepare students for external examinations they may wish to or be required to take due to their previously discussed motivations for learning English. They should therefore mirror the true external examinations in form and content as much as possible. External examinations are administered by a variety of institutions outside of the teaching school in order to accurately test students for their ability to communicate effectively in English for real world applications such as immigration, university study, work placement or business relations. The nature and format of these exams will vary based on the goals of individual students, where they may be traveling and the types of English speakers with whom they will be interacting.