Teach English in Encheng Jiedao - Jiangmen Shi

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In the final unit of this course, the subjects of teaching in a different culture and seeking employment are addressed. Novice instructors are advised to learn as much as they can about the culture of the country in which they will be teaching and to err on the side of caution in terms of dress and behavior. One should keep one's religious and political views to oneself, for example, and one should endeavor to learn the customs associated with the greeting of and interaction with superiors in the workplace. There are many books to choose from when trying to learn about the culture of a particular foreign country, but care should be taken to ensure that the information they contain is up-to-date and therefore relevant. Many good travel guide series are regularly updated (at least once a year) to reflect any changes in the cultural information they offer. These days, however, there appear to be more and more online resources available that are updated with more frequency. This applies to social media, as well. I now belong to no fewer than 6 different Facebook groups geared toward ex-pats living in South Korea. Groups like these feature discussions on such topics as shopping, learning Korean, finding restaurants, searching for jobs, and getting legal advice. I have been living and teaching here in South Korea for nearly 8 years now and in the time I have been here I have seen some subtle changes in the cultural landscape. For example, more and more young couples can be seen holding hands in public and even hugging. Anything beyond that is still, of course, done in private. Also, the attitude towards the LGBTQ community has relaxed somewhat. Ten years ago same-sex relationships were acknowledged but rarely discussed (\"don't ask, don't tell\" was more the norm). Now, there is an annual Pride March that takes place in Seoul. Speaking of cultural norms, the third question on this final test was somewhat difficult for me to answer: \"3. With regard to cultural issues, which of the following classroom scenarios would be considered acceptable in a school in Thailand?\