Teach English in Datian Zhen - Jiangmen Shi

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When teaching the English language, there are three 'categories' that you can look at when structuring a lesson. Meaning, a lesson can be Vocabulary based, Grammatically based or based on language Functions. These three subjects vary on how and what is important when teaching and also the style in which you teach. For a vocabulary based lesson, often a ESA straight arrow approach is used. In order for the students to have possibly more success with the new, or given vocabulary, it depends on certain factors. Meaning, the appropriacy of the vocabulary to the students is important, in addition to how it relates to the materials you present. Also, if the words that are presented have some frequency or have been covered before that will help the students. Also, some words have a different teachability and this can also be affected by the level of the students. It is important for the lesson to not just give the meaning of the new vocabulary, but also to explain the use or how and when we use that word. Also, it is important for the students to learn how this word is used in a sentence in relation to other words. For a lesson that is focusing on a grammar point, the lesson would normally need to cover the meaning that this grammar point has, (what is being said?) In addition, the use or that point. The form of the grammar material, or the pattern that it follows so the student can produce the grammar on their own. In addition, there is the need to explain the difference many times between spoken grammar and written grammar. This can be seen a lot in English with the many abbreviations, like She is becoming she's. The third area or subject that a lesson could address is an issue of language function. This is an opportunity to give insight into the use and culturally how English can be used in situations like invitations, refusal, formal and informal occasions, etc. These style lessons could often follow a boomerang pattern, EASA. This type of lesson can often offer insight that gives students confidence if they know how and why these specific types of events happen in English.