Teach English in CAngcheng Zhen - Jiangmen Shi

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I found these videos very helpful for noting the effectiveness of the teaching strategies presented in this course. It really brought to life the natural flow and structure of ?Engage, Study, Activate? lessons and how important the teacher?s energy, enthusiasm, training, and preparation are for engaging the students and ensuring real learning. I made many notes about the teachers? errors from the first video. The teacher himself appears bored and uninterested in the students and the material. At some points, he is even condescending and abrasive to students, berating them for their lack of understanding. (His repetition of ?this is really, really easy? clearly makes students feel bad about themselves and discourages them from participating.) He is unprepared and does not have any engaging activities or clear instructions for students. The students appear embarrassed, uncomfortable, and lost. They are clearly having trouble understanding the concept, but the teacher does not explain or review at all. The teacher even ignores student questions and spends a lot of time repeating things without checking for understanding. In contrast, the teacher of the second video is enthusiastic and engaging with students from the very start. He makes sure to learn their names, to smile, and to speak slowly and articulately. He is prepared and communicates clear, concise instructions. The students in the second video are smiling, participating, and even laughing. In the second video, one can clearly see how helpful mime, visual aids, games, prompting, and drilling are to the students? understanding and interest. Also, the teacher?s praise of the students boosts their confidence significantly. He checks for understanding of individual students and repeats concepts when necessary. There are natural transitions between the engage, study, and activate phases. The final activate phase both encourages creativity and enjoyment and utilizes the grammar and vocabulary points of the lesson. The teacher smiles and encourages students throughout the lesson.